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Wing Chun Singapore 

Training Classes

.You are welcome at The Studio for Wing Chun Training, a trial class is available for just $ 10. Contact us to book a class.​

  1. Mon , 830pm to 10pm

  2. Sun, 10am to 1130am

1st time Trial session: $10

Rates: $100 per mth (3 classes per week)


For more information, do contact Steven at +65 9046 9616, email or website for more information.

What is Wing Chun

WING CHUN (詠春) is a Chinese martial art and form of self-defence. It is simple, direct, efficient and effective. Practising Wing Chun will help to improve health, coordination, flexibility and confidence. 


The main reasons that Wing Chun has grown in popularity is that:

  1. Very practical in the modern world

  2. Can be learned in a relatively short period of time.

  3. Can be practiced by people of all sizes, shapes and degrees of athletic ability.


About the Class:

Each lesson is 1.5 hours. We will start with generic warm-up and conditioning. We will then break up into groups of similar levels and train specific techniques, Wing Chun forms, pad work, Chi Sao drills and/or sparring. 


About The Trainer - Steven Wang:

The head instructor of Wing Chun Singapore is Steven Wang. He is a lifelong martial artist enthusiast, as a child, started practising Judo and Shaolin Kempo for more than 20 years. Before he met Alan Orr Sifu who introduced him to CSL Wing Chun he also practised Bak Mei Kung Fu (White Eyebrow), Wu Style Tai Chi, Wing hun (Yip Chun lineage), Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and Integrated Eskrima.



  • 12th Level CSL Wing Chun instructor

  • 12th Level CSL San Da instructor

  • Certified MMA CSL striking coach.

  • Certified  Yik Kam 1850 Ancient Siu Nim Tao Instructor

  • Certified Yik Kam 6-13-3 Qi Gong Instructor


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